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  • Meghan’s Yoga Classes:

Meghan teaches a fun breath based flow suitable for all levels.  Never done yoga?  No problem!  Come unroll a mat and see what is possible for YOU. Please bring your own mat if you own one, but extra mats will be available.

  • John’s Ethnobotany Class:

An outdoor tour of edible, medicinal, and other useful plants.  John tells a rich narrative of each species’ medicinal, nutritive, historical, and chemical components.  Be sure to bring something with which to takes notes and pictures, as the amount of information he offers is hard to remember and worth documentation!


  • Steve’s Sausage Making Class:

In this class, Steve will walk us through homemade sausage making, showing us his recommendations for spices, herbs, and meat handling.

  • Nicole’s Chapstick Making Class:

Here you will learn how to make your own all natural chapstick from Pinedale bees wax, calendula oil, and essential oils.  Each participant will take home their own tube of chapstick.


  • Meghan’s Presentation:

 Unlocking the Subconscious Mind- Law of Attraction: Have you ever wondered why some people have so much luck and success and others don't?  Come learn how to manifest abundance, joy, and success in your life!  This workshop will teach you to change your current thinking and to cultivate the life you have always desired and maybe even more!!


  • Jen’s Milking Demo:

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to milk a cow? Well now is your chance… Come see Jen during her morning milking ritual, and give it a try yourself. Jen will also discuss the benefits of raw milk and a brief overview on making other dairy products from raw milk.

  • Robin's Talk on Gut Health:

How do you feel?  Have you or anyone in your family taken antibiotics in the past?  Have you had lots of dental work or other prescription medicines that you have taken for a long period?  Are you under stress or just trying to, “deal,” with it?  How is your sleep or attitude due to being so tired?  How is your diet?  Are you too exhausted to get any amount of exercise or time for self-reflection?  What about your gut, do you have uncomfortable bowels or intestinal issues?  Does heartburn chase you or do you have foggy brain?  Do you have painful joints or inflammation that hangs around?  Oh, and don’t forget about the allergies inside and out!

Why do so many of us have so many of these problems?

What if every one of these symptoms (and more) is directly related to our gut being out of balance?

So, what is up with our guts? 

Please come join us and learn why many of us struggle with our gut and how easy, affordable and delicious food can be prepared to feed the body and dramatically improve how we feel.  

  • Thermoplis Hot Springs:

Be sure to bring a bathing suit if you want to go relax in the mineral hot springs.  Thermopolis is about 45 min from the ranch, which will about an hour to soak.  There are indoor and outdoor pools, with a steam room and sauna. Shuttle vehicles will be provided.



  • Bonfire:

If you play an instrument, please feel free to bring them along and we can share an evening of fire, music, and fun.

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