Jennifer Faulkner

Some of us know how we came by our fortune and some of us do not, but we wear it all the same.

There's only one question worth asking now, how do we aim to live with it?        

Barbara Kingsolver

I have been labeled galactically bipolar.  I have a logic based mind that runs rampant. I need solid ground and stability yet I crave adventure and freedom.  This has been my whole life. I was valedictorian, then took a hiatus half way through my undergraduate studies to travel. I obtained a bachelor's degree in pre-medicine then worked as a biologist to support my ski and climbing habit.  I accomplished a master's degree in soil science, then became a self-employed organic farmer and vintage camper restorationist.  I am cerebral with a strong dose of wanderlust.  I want intellectual theories to withstand the scientific process and I give the spirit an equal seat at the table.  For much of my life I have felt torn by the desire to fulfill my polarities.  Only recently have I learned to embrace them as gifts when properly balanced. I believe through evolving to own my authentic diversity I have found my wings and am now ascending to make my grand flight.


 Jypsy Flight is a cornucopia  of goods, services, and encouragements for those like me who seek health of the body through good food and herbs and health of the spirit through adventure and perhaps a proper jypsy wagon. I wish us all the pursuit of knowledge to become wise and the courage to listen to our hearts so we may fly free.

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