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Adventures of Me and Blue

  • jypsyflight

Me, Blue, and Brooks Lake

I planned to camp at Sheridan Creek outside Dubois. Also planned was to leave my pickup at camp and venture on to go collect plants upcountry. But many other people were camped at Sheridan Creek, rifles were a-blazing...literally. So we moved on. I looked for other roads on the way towards Togwotee Pass, and then came to the Brooks Lake turn. I knew there was a campground there, but had never been. I ventured up the winding road to arrive at a spectacular view of the Pinnacles and Brooks Lake. What an unexpected gift....that just kept giving. Site number 8 was open so we slid in and set up shop.

The next day I was so intrigued by my surroundings, I decided to skip plant gathering in exchange for a hike to Upper Brooks Lake. It was a perfect day trip with good visibility of surroundings, which put me at ease as this is thick bear country and their peak foraging time before winter hibernation.

Although there were several other campers in the campground, everyone seemed mesmerized by the beauty and tranquility of the setting. No generators or barking dogs were to be heard. I'm sure it is a different scene during the summer season, but on this Fall weekend, the place was serene.

The night was cold and I was grateful for my down blankets. The days were sunny and warm, however. The next morning was spent gathering plants, then I was off down the mountains....I'll be back for sure!

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