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Raw Milk Safety



Anything you put in your mouth could be potentially harmful- yet some foods get a more sinister reputation than others- with good reason.  I'm not too keen on making myself ill or doing harm to my innards....most of the time, and can understand why our governing authorities want to warn us of the dangers associated with what we consume and what mothers and fathers are feeding their children.  Yet there isn't any legislation in place preventing mothers from feeding their children processed sugar or me from consuming beer and synthetic "food". In most states, though, we are not allowed to legally consume raw milk.  The reasoning presented is that raw dairy is extremely dangerous and we are being protected from its negative effects.  Mmmm?

Well, we are legally allowed to buy, sell, and consume raw milk in Wyoming (thank you Food Freedom Act!) so you can decide for yourself if the risk involved in drinking raw milk is significant, be sure to do your homework. In the slides below are some links with information on raw milk and safety standards.  The last slide on the left lists an explanation of test results and the image on the right is the latest 440 cows' lab results.  It's not for me to decide what other people should consume, but for those who have made an informed decision to consume raw dairy, I do encourage you to hold me and other milk producers to a high standard of safety and quality control.  Please also do your part by researching safe handling and jar cleanliness! See the links on the second slide below as well as the 440 Blog under the "about" tab for more information. 

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